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Impossible Mallet

TV Table

A few Christmases ago, our TV died, and we bought a new flat-screen TV. It was too wide to fit into the existing entertainment system, so we went out in search of a new one.

Unfortunately, we could not find any that would work. We had two semi-conflicting requirements: It had to be big enough to fit the stereo equipment inside, but it could not be too wide, due to the constraints of the room.

Then, looking at the space one day, I made the fatefull comment: “Ideally, I’d just build a TV table...”

And so the TV Table project was born. It was the first “real” or “fine” furniture that I’ve ever built (other than a small bed-side table that I made a decade ago).

In design it is pretty straight forward, although I did explore a number of variations in Google Sketch-Up.

In terms of the wood working, it involved a fairly large number of mortise-and-tenon joints. It was also my first attempt at rail-and-stile panels, and my first time glueing up a large solid panel (or in this case the top) from smaller boards.

I didn’t work on it continuously, but working on it now and again, it took me about 11 months to make it--I started in January and finished in December, just in time for the next Christmas

I hadn’t planned to start documenting my projects on my web site, so I don’t have any pictures of it during construction.

Finished TV Table

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Impossible Mallet